About Zerocopy

The idea ís quite simple: what if companies invest part of their marketing & employer branding budgets directly back into the student community so everyone benefits? And so Zerocopy, the free printing service for students enabled by targeted ads, was born in 2012, launched by three students.

Through Zerocopy, advertisers can finally put their content in the medium with which students spend most of their time: study courses! And the students are very grateful, because they can finally print their courses for free thanks to the advertising partners. A win win for all, with the student in the centre of everything we do at Zerocopy.

How does Zerocopy work for Students?

Students make a free account on, fill in a detailed profile, up-load their documents and select how they want to print these documents, They can either print right away at one of our Zerocopy Print Locations or they order the documents at home in full color.

How does targeting work?

Students fill in a profile or participate in one of our survey’s to increase their weekly print credit balance.

Based on this profile data, detailed targeting is made possible. For instance, many employer branding campaigns focus on graduating students from specific courses in specific regions.

Are there printing limits?

Yes! Zerocopy ensures there are printing limits so ads are spread around the maximum of unique Zerocopy students as possible.

Who are these students?

With a growing database of over 100.000 Belgian students, Zerocopy offers very specific targeting options ranging from geography to study level over to study subject and even professional ambitions.



Do students still print?

Yes! Students actually print a lot more since the digitalization of course material. Most courses, slides, readers, cases are made available in PDF on the platforms of the universities and university colleges.  In order to study these documents, students print them.

Do students still study on paper?

Yes! If you visit a university library in November or May, you’ll quickly see that the actual studying is still done on paper. Why? Because studying on paper goes faster and leads to a higher cognitive performance! So investing in Zerocopy, is investing in the education of our generation of young adults.