What is Zerocopy?

Zerocopy enables students to print their courses for free. All they have to do is register on zerocopy.be, upload their courses and go to one of the Zerocopy Print Locations. This free printing service is made possible through advertising in the courses and on our website.

How does it work?

It’s an easy process:

  1. Register: click on the registration button and make an account.
  2. Confirm: you have received a confirmation link in your inbox, click on it and you are good to go!
  3. Complete: complete 20 profile questions, so we can give you relevant ads
  4. Upload: You select the PDF’s you would like to print in your pc and click on start upload.
  5. Print your documents for free: Go to the nearest Zerocopy Printing Location or Order your Documents with the Zerocopy Delivery Service. At a location: Log in on the Zerocopy computer or printer touchscreen with your username and password. Select the documents you need and hit print!

My PDF did not upload properly

After you have chosen the documents you want to upload, click on start upload, wait until the document is fully uploaded. When the upload was successful, the status will say ‘Ready to print’.

When it says ‘Error, there was an error reported in your PDF, download and install PDF24Creator on your PC to remake your PDF and upload it again.

How much does it cost?

Zerocopy printing is for free! The advertisers pay for your prints! How cool is that?

Can I print as much as I want? 

When registering to zerocopy.be you receive printing credits ( 1 credit = 1 page). At entry level you will receive 100 welcome credits. You can increase this balance by completing your profile, inviting friends and filling in surveys and using promo codes.

Hereby a full list on how to add credits to your account:

  • Completed profile: 100 credits/week
  • When friends registers through your unique url, 10 weekly credits are added to your account
  • If the friends you’ve invited start printing, 100 credits/week shall be added to your account
  • For filling in a survey, you’ll receive a single promo code.
  • Fill in a promo code! Spread throughout your courses, student city and online you can find promo codes, fill these in on your account. and they vary in amount of credits up to 500!

Where can I print?

Today you can print in every big student city in Belgium. The exact locations of our printing points can be find on a map on www.zerocopy.be.

How do I get access to The Zerocopy Delivery Service? 

Zerocopy Delivery is a (free) premium service for our most active students. It allows them to order their documents in full color anywhere in Belgium, for free.
Anyone can have access, just check this blogpost.

I can’t find a printing location in my student city?

If you can’t find a printing point in your city by clicking ‘here’, we don’t have one there yet. We are always open to new suggestions, don’t hesitate to send us your suggestion on support@zerocopy.be with ‘New Printing Location suggestion’ in the subject.

Do I need to bring my student card?

No, you don’t need a student card to print. You just have to remember your username and password to log in on a Zerocopy printer.

Can I print documents that I have on my USB stick?

You can’t print from your USB stick. Upload your documents directly from your computer to your Zerocopy account. When you go to a printing point you only need your username and password.

Can I print in color?

Color print is only available through Zerocopy Delivery.

Can I print single pages only?

No, only recto-verso. If you really want to print on single pages, you’ll have to put a blank sheet between every page. 

Can I print flyers or posters?

No, you can only print A4 pages in black and white.

What is the upload limit?

The upload limit of a single document is 20 MB. The total limit of documents uploaded to your account is 500 MB. If you already uploaded lots of documents, you might want to delete some of the ones you have already printed. This will make sure everything works faster and better. You can also reduce file size via online tools like this one and upload your compressed file.

What if my document is to large to upload?

  1. Try to compress your PDF via a free online tool like this one and re upload the compressed file
  2. Split your PDF into smaller parts via an online tool like this one
  3. If you make PDFs yourself, minimize the images and remove any unnecessary ones.

How can I get more than one Powerpoint slide on a page?

Zerocopy only accepts A4 PDF documents in Portrait stand. So if you want to have more than one slide on your Zerocopy documents, prepare them as such when you save your Powerpoint to PDF.

In ppt:

  1. Go to the File menu and choose Print.
  2. In the bottom left of the Print window that opens, you will see a pull down menu under the words Print What. Choose Handouts.
  3. The default setting is 6 slides per page.

I uploaded a vertical document and the printer prints it horizontal or vice versa?

Zerocopy only accepts A4 PDF documents in Portrait stand. So if your documents are Landscape stand, you’ll have to put them in Portrait stand before uploading them to Zerocopy. If your document is in PDF, use a free online tools to do this. We use PDF24Creator.

I registered, but I can’t log in. What is wrong?

Maybe your password is wrong? Click on ‘forgot password’ and locate the password email in your mailbox, can’t find it? email support@zerocopy.be

I made an account with FB but I don’t have a password?

When you registered via FB, you were asked to set-up a password. However, if you didn’t do it again, your only chance to set one up is gone! So you’ll have to request a new chance via clicking on ‘forgot password’.

I have added some friends, but I didn’t receive any extra print credits. How is this possible?

Check out the credits page, and see if the number of added friends rose. If it didn’t, your friends have not used your personal link to register, or they didn’t confirm their accounts by clicking on the confirmation link in their inbox. If the number did rise, but you still didn’t receive credits, then contact us on  support@zerocopy.be with ‘Added friends rose, but no extra credits’ in the subject line.

Do you keep your print credits that you didn’t use in the following weeks?

No, every Sunday your credits will be restored to the maximum you are entitled to. You can’t save credits for a next week.

What is the best time to go to a printing point?

Some of our printing locations, especially those close to campus in major student cities, can get crowded sometimes ( especially in the months of December, January, March, May and June as you might imagine). the most busy hours are in the morning before, and in the afternoon, after class which can lead to people not being able to print their documents in time. So we would like to give you two important tips

  1. Do not wait with printing your documents until the end of the semester as you might not have enough credits or are not able to print everything in a single visit. Print out what you need every month or every two weeks
  2. Go to a printing location during a day in the week, as the staff will have time for you if you need help and you are less likely to stand in a queue behind a printer

it all comes down to this: use your time wisely.

 I uploaded my document, went to the printing point and there, I couldn’t find my documents… Did you eat them?

If you uploaded them more then 4 days ago, they may already have been deleted automatically.  If you uploaded them less than 4 days ago, they probably never up-loaded. So make sure you click on ‘start upload’. Before going to the printing point, check if your documents are ready to be printed by clicking on ‘my documents’. 

How do we reach you?

We are very approachable, just choose the channel you prefer most

Are you hiring?

Yes, definitely. We are growing and expanding every day.

What we have to offer:

  • For students:
    • Zerocopy City Manager
    • Zerocopy flyer team
    • Internship
  • For young graduates:
    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • IT developer
  • For experienced profiles:
    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • IT developer

Or send us your cover letter and CV spontaneously!